What to get your Siberian husky?

What to get your Siberian husky?

If you have a husky, you know first hand how beautiful this dog breed is. With their beautiful eyes nestled in their luscious fur, the Siberian husky is considered one of the most desired dogs breeds on the planet. Their looks complement their extroverted personality and playfulness, demanding attention from their owners. I have put together this article to help you be more informed and engaged, when deciding the toys to keep your husky satisfied through the day.

About the Husky

Huskies are considered to be one of the brightest dog breeds on the planet. Their loyalty and companionship go back several hundred years, famously recognized as snow dogs. You may want to keep some of the common husky traits in mind when you are shopping for a good toy.


They are really smart dogs. You may want to choose a toy that not only physically challenges them, but also keeps them mentally stimulated. If not, you could find your dog bored with your toy with in a few hours, if they don’t feel sufficiently engaged.

Similar, but not as extreme, to a cat – huskies can have an opinionated personality. So, it important that the toy is engaging their mind from the very beginning. You may have to be involved in the early process, to parade the toy in a fun way.

They are also very playful in general. They love to move around and get their blood pumping. Especially puzzle toys, which are engaging yet allows free movement will allow them to have a good time!

Husky toy shopping

Before going to purchase their toy, you must establish a few expectations for yourself. These questions can help you mentally prepare for the appropriate toys you’re looking for -

  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to playing with him?
  • Is the toy meant to keep them busy while you are not around?
  • Are you working toward developing their cognitive skills?
  • What timings are you planning to give him this toy, will its noise cause a disturbance to everyone around?

All toys come with a specific design and intention. It is best you walk into a pet toy store with the clarity of your intention, so that your pooch doesn’t get the wrong toy at the wrong time and hurt themself.


Here is a short checklist that can help you navigate different husky toy options:

  • Safe: Ensure that the toy manufactures have included the material used. You can keep an eye out for reviews and hand test the product to ensure its not a consumable hazard for your dog.

  • Captivating: The dog’s attention time span wont last more than a fee minute. You need to engage their intellect without overwhelming. There are several puzzle toys that allow different difficulty levels to accommodate different times.

  • Enduring: Huskies are big strong dogs that love tearing toys apart. You may want to consider a toy that is sturdy and can last for several months without breaking into bits.

  • Fun: Keep in mind that your pooch has to enjoy this toy during his playtime – it is the most important one on the checklist!

Top 4 Toys

Now that you know what to look for in a toy, let’s check out the most popular options out in the market. I have put together a top four list, intentionally picking toys that are very different from one another, to show a wide range of activities you can engage your pooch with.

Kong Jumber ball toy


The Kong Jumber ball is essentially a rubber toy with a tennis ball inside of it. It comes with a handle that makes it easy for large dogs, like the Siberian Husky, to fetch it. When bit with a little force, the rubber ball squeaks – adding to an auditory cue for the dog to respond and play with.

It is a very durable option that can stand up to any aggressive chewing from the dog, and stands to be one of the toys owned for the longest duration by most dog owners. Its bright colored outer ball can be easily found, making it suitable to be played with even in snow.

This toy can keep your dog engaged for long durations and can be used in multiple ways. You can play fetch, get in a quick game of tug of war, or simple left around for your pooch to chew away at the squeaky noise. It is not one of the most cognitively enhancing toys, but can keep your dog busy for a long period of time.

Chuckit! Launcher


The Chuckit! Launcher is for those Huskies that never seem to tire from a game of fetch. The contraption that comes in the package allows you to chuck a tennis ball really far, that you possible couldn’t from just your arm.

This can be great work out, especially for a Husky pup in their development stage – long runs for longer periods of time can help with their blood circulation and muscle development. Additionally, the Chuckit launcher allows you to pick up the ball directly from the ground, so you can avoid getting any drool on your hands.

This toy option mainly focuses on the physical exercise of your husky, and me be pared with one of the more intellectually designed toys, such as the Nina Ottoson’s dog tornado, to find a more holistic balance to their playtime.

Nina Ottoson’s Dog Tornado


Here is a toy option that doesn’t require your constant attention. The Nina Ottoson’s dog toronado is a beginner’s choice for your dog that hasn’t been exposed to any puzzle toys. You will have to dedicate some time at the beginning, just until they get the hang of how it works.

As the name suggests, the toy has a spinning tower that teases your dog with treats to snatch. Using his nose to navigate across different ‘floors’ of the towers, he will look to find the best opportunity to gobble up the exposed treats.

In constantly working with it, this challenging toy helps with developing their critical thinking and can keep them engaged for quite a long time. Beware, especially if your husky is a chewer – you may want to ensure that they don’t start checking the parts of the toy itself. Using positive reinforcement, and navigating the toy yourself can help show them to right way to play with it.

Outward Hound Hide-A-Squirrel (Puzzle Plush)

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There are several different designs of the puzzle plush such as the outward hound hide-a-squirrel, that are perfect for young puppies or relatively docile older huskies. The toy comes with a stump of nooks and crannies that allow you to hide squirrels for your pooch to find.

This helps to stimulate their mind and social behavior as it challenges them to snoop through the toy gently to pick out their favorite squirrel toys. It can keep them quite busy, searching for all the toys hidden inside.

The minimal cleaning and highly durable factor of it is especially appealing for those pet owners who are keeping a close eye on their huskies weight, and don’t wish to give them additional treats through their gaming options.


There is no right or wrong toy up for selection for your husky. You would just want to choose an option that best suits your involvement and your dogs habit. The best dog toys have been that one that stimulate both their bodies and their minds. If you are on a budget, you can always consider home designed toys, like putting a spoon full of peanut butter inside a ball. If you are ever unsure, please feel free to consult your vet before choosing the right toy for your dog.

Hope you found this article fruitful in selecting the right toy for your husky, please feel free to leave a comment below!