The Best Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

The Best Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

Keeping your doggy clients and personal pets in tip top condition requires an excellent set of clippers. There are plenty out there with all different kinds of bells and whistles but which is right for you?

Clippers are not only meant to make the groomer's life easier but also keep the dog your trimming in absolute comfort and you’re not going to get that purely from aesthetics. Rotations per minute, the blades, noise and heat dissipation are all features that are imperative to a comfortable clipping for your canine.

Let's take a deep dive into some great professional dog clippers fit for use at home and at the doggy salon..

Andis Excel Pro Animal 5-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper


These clippers come at the top of the crop featuring a whopping 4500 strokes per minute making these clippers undefeated in the face of even the most matted of coats.

This clipper comes with easily detachable blades to make sure that you’re always getting the sharpest cut; the detachable feature means that any type of dog hair is a breeze thanks to Andis expanse of ceramic blade options.

These 5-speed clippers shouldn’t meet a dog they can’t clip thanks to its ultimate speed and blade versatility. These clippers are best fit with a dog groomer who can really utilise its diversity!

The only downside to this clipper is that after extended usage the blades do get slightly hot making it uncomfortable for the doggy client. These clippers are also relatively expensive making it one of the more unattainable options for grooming enthusiasts.

Andis Ultra Edge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper


The chosen clippers of vets and popular amongst novice at-home dog groomers, you can’t go wrong with the Andis ultraedge. The much fewer bells and whistles do nothing to diminish the effectiveness of these professional clippers.

These clippers cut at a shocking maximum speed of 4400 strokes per minute and still have the detachable blades needed for an easy transition to different areas and types of fur. The reduced speed variations of these clippers isn’t challenged by thick matted fur thanks to its ability to reach such high speeds with those two settings.

These high speed clippers can get hot on long jobs so be sure to switch out blades or use some cooling spray to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

Wahl Lithium Ion Professional Series Cordless Animal Clippers


Our first cordless clipper in this list gives you great flexibility when grooming perhaps the squirmier dogs. These clippers offer rust-resistant and quiet trimming at a very affordable price allowing even the most apprehensive of professional-wannabe-groomers a chance.

Unfortunately these clipper blades can blunt quite easily but fret not they are exceptionally easy and quick to change so you won’t be out of the grooming game for long!

Oster Golden A5 2-Speed Animal Grooming Clippers


These hefty looking clippers offer great speeds at a mid-range price. These chew-proof clippers reach speeds of 2700 strokes per minute meaning that they are capable of a range of grooming requirements.

Sadly these clippers don’t come with blades on purchasing but the Oster A5 does fit all the A5 snap on blades affording you some very versatile clippers. Like with most of these clippers they can tend towards the hotter side after extended usage so be sure to switch out blades to keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

Andis AGR+ Cordless Clipper


These clippers utilise an entirely new battery system meaning that you can clip all day long; the interchangeable battery packs and cordless device make this a real on the go clipper ideal for those doing home visits.

These clippers are extremely versatile thanks to its adjustable cutting length and myriad blade collection to go alongside it. Despite being stuck with a single-speed, the 4200 strokes per minute make these clippers totally unphased by any grooming debacle.

Naturally, the high speed of these clippers mean they have a tendency to get hotter than is comfortable for dogs so some cooling spray is essential here.


You won’t be hard pressed to find a nice pair of professional clippers with these on the market. Whether you’re an at-home groomer or you have plenty of clients in your grooming parlour any of these clippers would be a great match.