Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Best Rolled Leather Dog Collar

There are plenty of variations of dog collar out there but none are as kind to your pups neck as the rolled leather collar. This type of collar is perfect for avoiding any matting from friction that is inevitably generated by your dog’s collar.

There are plenty of rolled leather dog collars on the market so let's have a look to see which options are best for you.

1. CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

This genuine rolled leather collar is a great option for those who want a vast selection of colours. This collar is affordable and effective in avoiding any matting fur whilst functioning fully as a collar thanks to its d-ring unlike many rolled leather collars out there.

If you’re really in with the leather-look and durability that comes with it CollarDirect offers leather leashes to match their collar collection.

2. BRONZEDOG Rolled Leather Dog Collar

Another colorful and high-quality option for rolled leather dog collars comes from BRONZEDOG; spanning all colours and sizes you are sure to find a great option here. Rave reviews document the longevity and comfort of this collar affording your dog a delightfully matt-free neck.

Unfortunately, after being battered on a hard floor the black paint on the buckles of this collar has occasionally rubbed off but luckily this isn’t an issue encountered with many thanks to the rarity of dog’s opting to roll around on a concrete floor.

3. Coastal Circle T Rolled Leather Collar

One of the more expensive options out there, the Coastal Circle collar is softer and therefore more flexible making it a generally more comfortable option. As much as rolled leather collars are an excellent option to protect your dog's fur, at times they are known to be a bit rigid and uncomfortable making this collar a great option!

The Coastal Circle collar is one of the more expensive items on the list but nothing can beat the traditional craftsmanship of this rolled leather collar.

4. Ancol Timberwolf Rolled Leather Collar

One of the sturdier options on the list, the Ancol Timberwolf is sure to give you a collar that lasts your dog’s lifetime. The sturdiness of this collar is sure to last even the strongest pullers and won’t split too much of your long-hair dog’s fur either.

This collar however has been known to warp slightly when wet so is best removed before a bath or romp in the local dog beach.

5. Auburn Leathercrafters Martingale Dog Collar

This rolled leather dog collar is great for those who want their collar to assist in their training. If you subscribe to “correcting” your dog’s behaviour then this rolled leather dog collar would be a great option for you. Most martingale collars are made from nylon which can damage and matt your pups fur so having this rolled leather option from Auburn Leathercrafters almost entirely saves your long-haired friend’s neck!

After extended usage this collar’s leather coating has been known to flake slightly but with some upkeep with any standard leather oil this collar should last you miles of walks.


Even though rolled leather dog collars seem like a rather specific subset there are plenty of options for both you and your dog; whether you’re looking for a basic collar to last you a lifetime or one that offers some training support there is a rolled leather dog collar out there for you!