Does your Dog Need CBD Oils?

Does your Dog Need CBD Oils?

CBD oil for dogs has been rapidly increasing in popularity in recent years. This all natural anxiety, inflammation, nausea and pain treatment could be the key to enhancing your dog’s health and quality of life.

With the rapidly changing culture around medical marijuana products, the use of CBD oil for dogs is increasing in popularity.

There’a a lot of strong opinions about these products, and it can be hard to differentiate between what’s trendy and what’s really going to help your dog.

So what are CBD oils, and what can they do for your dog? We’ve evaluated their most popular uses to help you make the best decision about these oils for your furry friend.

What are CBD Oils?

CBD oils are oils made with cannabidiol, a chemical naturally occurring in hemp and marijuana products. They do not produce the “high” known to be produced from cannabis products, as they do not contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD oils for dogs are still relatively new on the market, so it’s important to keep in mind that much of the evidence of their power is anecdotal. However, their increasing popularity and well reported results speak to the benefits they have to offer.

CBD Oils for Pain and Inflammation

CBD oil is popularly used by humans as an alternative pain and inflammation treatment, especially for chronic pain, and it is often used in the same way for dogs. The use of CBD oil is especially common for osteoarthritis in dogs, as it has been known to improve comfort and mobility.


Moreover, the use of CBD oil can allow dog owners to reduce their use of NSAIDS (steroids) to treat their dogs’ pain, which have a number of adverse side effects. Choosing CBD oil as pain management for your dog can thus help improve their health overall.

CBD Oils for Seizures

Unlike many of the other conditions CBD oil can treat in dogs, the effects of CBD oil in treating epilepsy in dogs have already been scientifically proven. In a clinical trial at Colorado State University, 89 % of dogs who received CBD oil saw reduced frequency in seizures, and reduced intensity in seizures directly correlating to higher levels of CBD in the blood. Epilepsy in dogs is a difficult condition, and CBD oil shows exciting results for dogs who suffer from it.

CBD Oils for Anxiety

For dogs with chronic anxiety, daily doses of CBD oil can produce a calming effect.

Not only is anxiety stressful in the present for dogs, but it can lead to long term health problems such as stroke, cardiac issues, and even a shorter lifespan. As an alternative to traditional anxiety medication, CBD oil can mitigate these issues by reducing your dog’s daily level of stress.

CBD Oils for Nausea and Appetite

It’s a common stereotype that marijuana users are always on the lookout for a snack, so it’s not shocking that CBD oils can help with appetite. CBD oils are often used in humans as a treatment for chemotherapy patients who suffer from nausea and lack of appetite, and the same benefits can transfer to your dog. For a dog that’s not eating, CBD oil could be the key to getting them to the dinner table.


CBD oils are said to have health benefits for a range of problems your dogs may face. Whether or not you choose to use them will be up to how much you trust anecdotal evidence vs. scientifically proven facts.

The good news is that they have minimal side effects, so you don’t have much to lose by seeing if they help your dog, though it’s important to speak to your vet to ensure proper dosage and administration. And who knows, maybe your dog will like them so much that you’ll end up trying them too!

If you’ve got any further questions about CBD oil for dogs, let us know in the comments below. We’ll be sure to answer your questions as best we can.