Comparing Breeds: Collie vs. Sheltie

Comparing Breeds: Collie vs. Sheltie

The Collie shot to fame thanks to the breakout 1950s TV show, Lassie. Lassie documented just how sweet-natured and loyal these dogs can be, but what about their much smaller counterpart the Sheltie?
Let’s check out how these two dogs match up with one another...

Size Height_Collie_vs_shelties_dropshadow.jpg

The Collie is a much heftier dog than the Sheltie standing at twice as tall and weighing about twice as much on average. The Collie reaches heights of 66cm and weighs as much as 36kg whereas the Sheltie weighs a maximum of 10kg and will stand at 40cm in height at their tallest.

Lifespan lifespan_collie_vs_sheltie_dropshadow.jpg

The general rule of thumb is the larger the dog, the less time they live but in the case of the Sheltie and the Collie the reverse is true; The Collie lives roughly 14–16 years as opposed to the Sheltie living between 12–14 years.

Grooming Grooming_Collie_vs_sheltie_dropshadow.jpg

A staple feature of these majestic dogs is their long coat. Both the Sheltie and the Collie have relatively greater grooming requirements as compared with other dogs. Both these dogs are very heavy shedders meaning you’ll have to keep up with a de-shedding tool and slicker brush; this also means that they have high levels of dander making this dog not ideal for clean freaks.

Energy Level

The Collie and the Sheltie were both bred for herding making them dogs with boundless energy.
These canines are best suited to someone with a large fenced garden so they can run as they please or someone with a running habit that they’re happy to let their dog in on.

Temperament temperament_dropshadow.jpg

Both these dogs are exceptionally affectionate, loving, and loyal making them great companion pups. They are extremely intelligent dogs and so must be mentally exercised to ensure that this intelligence doesn’t turn to frustration. In a well-suited home, these dogs will be obedient and sweet companions but be wary of the Sheltie’s tendency toward separation anxiety.

Intelligence Intelligence_dropshadow.jpg

As we’ve mentioned, the Sheltie and the Collie are some of the most intelligent breeds around. They are focused, patient, and eager dogs that are ever ready to learn the next new trick. This intelligence needs to be utilized or unfortunately, your dog may develop some problem behaviors as an outlet. These dogs are therefore only really suited to the most eager of dog owners to make sure that these pups are mentally cared for.

Loyalty loyalty_dropshadow.jpg

Both the Sheltie and the Collie are pack animals making them loyal toward their owners and families. Both dogs are great with children and people generally but they do tend to pick a singular person to bond with deeply.

Protectiveness protectiveness_dropshadow.jpg

If you’re looking for some security you won’t find it with the Collie; famously non-vocal, the Collie may only serve as a visual deterrent thanks to its large size.

The Sheltie however can be quite apprehensive around strangers and distinctly more vocal than the Collie, making it more apt at protecting its loved ones. Both dogs however are very loving and affectionate characteristically so they aren’t to be utilized for protection purposes.


If you’re the active sort with a penchant for sweet and high-maintenance dogs, then either the Collie or the Sheltie is for you. The only striking difference between the two is the vast size difference making the Sheltie slightly more suitable for city life.