Dangerous Snacks You Should NOT Feed Your Dog

Dangerous Snacks You Should NOT Feed Your Dog

Sharing food is how we show love and affection to our fellow humans but when it comes to dogs the best way to love your pup is to stick to their kibble.

Certain foods are relatively safe for your dog and so a few little bites could be a neutral affair, but offering some nachos and guacamole while you're watching the football game is a huge no.

Fret not, we will identify the kinds of safe and not so safe foods as well as what you should do should your little friend get their snouts in the chip bag!

What is a Healthy Dog Diet?

A healthy dog diet is one that contains all the essential nutrients in the right proportions for your dog.
They need a healthy balance of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep everything going smoothly. Healthy meats are boiled, healthy carbohydrates are complex and unrefined and healthy fats are filled with omegas. Now, where does that tortilla chip come in?


It’s best not to feed your dog anything salty to our taste but like any animal, dogs do need a small amount of salt to keep up with biological processes.

The suggested amount is roughly 0.06% sodium by weight of the dog’s food per day; this is usually achieved via their kibble or even in a homemade diet thanks to the natural levels of sodium in animal flesh.

It’s relatively safe for your dog to eat a bit more salt than this as long as they compensate by drinking more water but of course, it’s safest to avoid this entirely. It takes only 0.75 grams of salt per kilo of body weight to kill a dog so letting them rip headfirst into a bag of tortilla chips will be sure to do some damage.

Everything in Moderation

As much as it’s important for the vast majority of your dog's food to be something that was specifically cooked or designed for it, a few crisps here and there won’t do too much harm (few being the operative word).

It’s a bonding experience for owners to give food to their dogs, so it's common to want to take this opportunity where it arises. Just be sure to prioritize feeding them the undressed-tomatoless-avocadoless salad you don’t want.

Things to Avoid


There are several foods that would be a cardinal sin to feed your dog due to compounds that are toxic to them.
These include chocolate, avocado, onions, raisins, tomatoes, pits of stone fruit, rhubarb leaves, sugary foods, tobacco, boiled bones, and nuts.

What to Do When They’ve Eaten The Dip


If your dog eats one of these toxic foods, the safest mode of action would be to take them straight to the vet. In very small quantities a vet visit might not be completely necessary but it’s better to err on the side of caution when it comes to your pet’s life!

Most usually a shot will be given to induce vomiting in your furball before another is given once the contents of your dog’s stomach have been regurgitated.


Feeding your dog a few bits and bobs from your plate, avoiding the toxic ingredients we’ve outlined, is relatively safe as long as these little scraps are in minor quantities. A few crumbs from your tortilla chips won’t do much harm but no guacamole dip for them! Deducing what is and what isn’t okay for your dog can be a bit difficult so feel free to comment below for some help!