Comparing Breeds: French vs English Bulldog

Comparing Breeds: French vs English Bulldog

These distinct-looking dogs are known to make the loveliest companions, but why exactly?

Let’s look at the similarities and differences between the French and English Bulldogs to see which one would best suit you, alongside some products that will help you care for your little flat-faced friend.


One of the most striking differences between these two dogs is their stature and weight.

  • French Bulldog

    French Bulldogs come in smaller at around 30cm in height and 12kg in weight, males weighing more than the female Frenchies.

  • British Bulldog

    The English Bulldog, on the other hand, is distinctly larger weighing a hefty 25 kg and reaching heights of 38cm making these pups safely medium-sized.


The French Bulldog lives roughly 9-12 years making it slightly short-lived for dog standards but the English Bulldog comes even lower at between 8 and 12 years. Many factors can affect the lifespan of the dog but unfortunately for both the French and English Bulldog, their genes leave them with several likely issues later in life.


Thanks to its short coat the French Bulldog requires less intensive grooming requirements as compared with its other aesthetic counterparts.

French Bulldogs do shed all year round so their coat does benefit from some light brushing a couple of times a week, especially with a soft bristle brush.

The English Bulldog has a similar fur type to its French counterpart meaning that an occasional groom with a soft bristle brush will suffice.

The difference here is the number of folds in their skin that become a harbor for moisture and bacteria, often leading to a condition called skin fold dermatitis. This can be relatively easily avoided by thoroughly drying your dog after a bath.

Energy Level and Exercise Needs

French Bulldogs err on the lower end of the energy spectrum but even so they still need their share! French Bulldogs do well on roughly an hour of exercise per day split into several short walks and some free-roaming time should you be lucky enough to have a fenced garden.

Like French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs tend to be quite lazy and so prefer less exercise. Both breeds do struggle in hot weather and so should be exercised at the cooler hours of the day and night to avoid heatstroke.


French and English Bulldogs are overwhelmingly easy-going dogs and are often recommended for a first-time dog owner. These goofy-looking things are affectionate, keen, lively, patient, and sociable.

Both dogs tend toward a similar temperament making them equally as stubborn. As much as the easygoing nature of these dogs makes them great for first-time owners, their stubbornness makes them quite difficult to train, meaning a more patient owner is required.


In terms of obedience and working IQ, French and English Bulldogs come in at below average but this is likely due to their stubborn nature. This stubbornness can make it hard to train these dogs but this bashfulness is all the more endearing. Both bulldogs are excellent at communication and emotional intelligence thanks to their breeding as companionship animals.

To utilize this intelligence (minus the stubborn tendencies), appeal to a dog’s natural adoration of food by spreading their favorite snack on a lick mat! These inventive toys tire out your dog both physically and mentally by requiring a rather strenuous effort to access all that delicious food.


French Bulldogs are exceptionally loving dogs and desire the same level of affection from their owners. Due to their amiable nature, they can tend towards competing for affection with every member of the household but this shouldn’t stop your Frenchie from maintaining a close relationship with you!


French Bulldogs do tend toward the protective side and will display this through behaviors like running after objects they deem dangerous like cars for example. For this reason, it’s best to keep french bulldogs firmly on leash in populated areas until you’ve implemented great recall and obedience.


Despite the size and grooming requirements English and French Bulldogs are largely similar breeds both characteristically affectionate, easygoing, and obstinate. Similar toys and grooming products will go a long way with each of these pups just make sure to get a larger collar for the hefty English Bulldog!