7 Best Heavy Duty Crates for Your Dog

7 Best Heavy Duty Crates for Your Dog

Whether your dog is a jet-setter or not, a heavy duty dog crate is a key training tool. As much as we love our canine friends, instilling boundaries with crate training is a great way to an obedient pup.

Now which crate should you be choosing? There are all different kinds fit for different purposes so let us go through some of the best options for what you’re looking for.

The Jet-Setter

If you ever plan to travel with your dog, crate training in a travel worthy crate makes the whole process easier for your pup. Introducing the crate slowly in a familiar environment until they feel completely comfortable will ensure that the unknowns of travel will be that bit less frightening.

Travel crates must abide by specific guidelines to be fit for purpose. Some travel companies will provide adequate ones for you but naturally it's best if your dog gets used to it at home beforehand.

Below we have outlined a couple of the best crates for your jet-setting pup!

This IATA compliant crate has all the fixings of an airplane suitable travel crate. Not only is it sturdy and easy to dismantle should you need to but it’s on the affordable end of the travel crate spectrum.

When travelling with your pup it’s essential to carry food, their travel documents and details of their final destination. The Stefanplast Gulliver has two draws atop of the crate to offer ease in supplying all the needed items for ease of travel.

The All-Rounder

Crates can be expensive, so offering a crate that is slightly more spacious in shape with travel capabilities is a great option for a dog owner who doesn’t know what’s to come.

A crate fit for flying with a slightly boxy shape to afford your pet more room in the home makes this a great “all-rounder” type crate. Having your dog trained in a crate that does them for everything will make any unfamiliar process that much easier as they’ve always got their little slice of home with them. This crate features all the essential IATA requirements whilst being sturdy and relatively spacious for a crate designed for travel.

Not unlike the Petmate Sky Kennel, the Aspen is an IATA approved aesthetic and spacious travel crate. The mute colours will blend in nicely with the home whilst still providing a sturdy crate that serves many purposes. This crate would be at home used in the car, for plane travel and for home use. Thanks to its array of sizes this crate would suit all types of dogs.

The Homebody

For the dog owner who is assured that they won’t need to travel with their dog or is willing to crate train for a new travel crate when needed, a crate fit for only home use may be a great option. These crates have room to be more aesthetically pleasing and offer your pet more visibility.

Likely the most ergonomic and beautiful crate you will come across, the Diggs crate offers a sturdy and comfortable crate that is sure to turn heads.

Unfortunately items offered to dogs aren’t regulated by any overarching health and safety body meaning that there could be plenty of issues with items we provide and things we feed our dogs. Diggs crates are actually made abiding by standards for babies making them one of the safest crates around.

Not sure if you want to drop hundreds of dollars on your dog’s crate? Understandable. The Animaze 2 Door Folding Crate offers a sturdy and basic crate for those penny pinching dog owners that don’t want to sacrifice on safety and comfort for their pups.

This crate folds down into a flat pack shape for you to store anywhere you may need.

Looking for something that blends into the decor a bit more than something metallic and garish? Check out this extremely sturdy and elegant wooden crate that’s sure to keep your pet safe and inconspicuous. This crate unfortunately doesn’t fold away but why would you need it to when it fits the aesthetic of your home so perfectly?


Deciding on a crate for your dog can be a bit of an arduous process but considering the circumstances in which you’ll need to use your crate does a great job in whittling down your options.
We hope you found your ideal dog crate with the help of our best sturdy dog crate picks!