The Best Collar for Your Dog

The Best Collar for Your Dog

There’s quite a bit to consider when choosing a collar for your dog: do they have allergies? do they have some behavioral issues? do they have longer fur?

Choosing the wrong collar can cause some irritation for your dog at best and potentially really harm your dog at worst.
In this article, we’ll break down which collar is best for your pup to help you avoid a collar catastrophe.

Rolled Leather

Leather collars are great to avoid any matting and are ideal for our longer-haired canines. They can err on the pricier side but, if you choose the right size for your adult dog, they will be sure to last you a long while.

  • CollarDirect Rolled Leather Dog Collar

    One of the more affordable options on the market, this rolled dog collar offers a hypo-allergenic and stylish way to keep your dog tagged and secure. This collar comes in a range of sizes and colors ensuring that a pup of any breed can maintain a primed and proper appearance.

    The only negative with this collar is that it is slightly stiff perhaps causing some irritation for the more wily pups out there.

  • Wintchuck Genuine Rolled Leather Collar

    All the equipment you need for a kitted-out dog adds up, so if you can avoid buying replacements for an item your wallet will be a lot happier.

    The Wintchuck collar is specifically designed to last your dog a lifetime; this thick waxed collar avoids being stretched and misshapen making it ideal for those pulling dogs.

    This collar has been known to stain dogs’ fur so may only be good for dogs with a darker coat.


The nylon collar is the most affordable genre featuring a large array of patterns and styles. It is, however, known to matt the fur of a long-coated pup so may mostly be suitable to the short-haired variety.

  • LupinePet Basic Adjustable Dog Collar


    Although this collar is a great option for a nylon collar, the other options that Lupine offer are not amiss here. The diversity in styles with consistently soft and strong materials make the Lupin collars a great option for your pet.

    Unfortunately, the friction generated by nylon collars can cause the fur of our long-haired canines to matt, making this collar best suited to the silky short-haired variety.

  • Blueberry Pet Classic Dog Collar

    This is a great option for growing puppies thanks to the collar’s vast adjustment options. Like most nylon collars, this collar comes in an array of colors and sizes to suit both your and your pup's needs.

    Again, be wary of using this collar on a long-coated dog due to nylon’s tendency to matt fur.

Martingale Collar

A popular training prop, the martingale (similar to the slip) collar not only provides you with a collar’s basic qualities but also allows you to offer your dog “corrections” should you subscribe to this training method.

These collars come in an array of materials including various metals and fabrics.

Let's have a look at some of the best options to identify which one is right for you...

  • Country Brook Petz Martingale Heavy Duty Nylon Dog Collar

    This fully nylon martingale collar looks far less intimidating than the other options on the market but is no less effective. This is a great option for an introductory martingale collar that functions just as your regular nylon or leather collar would, just with some added training potential should you be looking for it in a collar.

    This collar comes with plenty of color and size options ensuring that no dog is left behind!

  • Max and Neo Stainless Steel Chain Martingale Collar

    Thanks to the addition of the stainless steel chain, this martingale collar is one of the most durable around. This collar is also fitted with reflective tape to make nighttime romps in the park that much safer!

    For those who want a long-wearing collar that aids in your training then look no further than the Max and Neo Stainless Steel Collar.

    Both the Country Brook and the Max and Neo martingale collar might not be the right option for you should you not subscribe to a training program that isn’t 100% positive reinforcement.


So there you have it– the best options on the market no matter the type of collar you’re on the hunt for.

Nylon offers you versatility at a low low price, rolled leather offers a more sophisticated and matt-free option whilst the martingale collar provides you with some training potential along with a collar fit for all purposes.