The Guide To Why Your Dog Is Panting at Night

The Guide To Why Your Dog Is Panting at Night

We all love our furry friends, but sometimes dogs speak in a language that we can’t understand. Dogs have different ways of expressing how they feel, whether it’s when they are upset, happy, excited, bored, etc. Each and every dog has a specific way of conveying his or her feelings and expressions.

Panting is a normal behavior for all dogs. It doesn’t matter what size, age, or breed the dog is, dogs will pant. But careful, sometimes it can also be dangerous.

Let’s go over how to decipher normal panting from abnormal.

The Heat Situation:


No matter where we are, the summer weather always catches up with us. Panting because of heat is a normal reaction for all dogs.

Unlike humans, dogs do not have anything in their bodies that allow them to sweat or release any incoming heat from their fur coats. Panting simply makes it easier for dogs to inhale, humidify, then exhale the incoming air; this then increases the water evaporation from your dogs nose and lungs.

This is one of the main reasons dogs pant, a large amount of water can be evaporated in a minimal amount of time when dogs pant. You need to always make sure your dog has access to cold water on very hot days.

Excitement Level:


Dogs usually pant when they are excited! What triggers this excitement you may ask? Dogs get excited when they meet new people, or when food is coming their way. This type of panting is usually a more fast-paced panting unlike when they are experiencing high temperatures. Sometimes this type of panting can be with happy barks or even a simple whine.

Stressed Level:


Dogs stress, just like us. Whether it be because of boredom, or yawning, or the need for love and comfort, they express this by panting. As dog owners, you should always take notice of the way your dog expresses his or her pant, look them in the eye and check for tears, or weariness.



Heatstrokes in dogs can happen during very high temperatures in the summer months. If your dog experiences anything like this you must take him or her directly to the vet.

This occurs because of high body temperatures, no access to water, and even walking your dog at the wrong time of day. To avoid any of these circumstances, make sure your dog is not left anywhere closed at high temperatures, and always, always has access to water.



Dogs are quite the warriors when it comes to hiding pain and persevering it. Sometimes when your dog is in pain you might see them panting, often accompanied by a cry or a whine.