Products You Should Keep Away From Dogs

Products You Should Keep Away From Dogs

Being around dogs I always wanted to share my meal, because “Look how cute those eyes are!”. But owners wouldn't be fond of the idea. That made me wonder:

What can dogs not eat?

Macadamia nuts

You should be careful with this one. One might think it would be a nice treat for your pup, but it actually can be fatal. Just a small piece can be very dangerous. The most common symptoms of this nut poisoning is diarrhea, vomiting, fever, weakness, tremors and even inability to walk. It is absolutely necessary to contact your vet as soon as possible.


  • Avocado

There’s a contradiction about this fruit. Some say avo contains a toxin called persin and it’s bad for dogs. Lots of studies show that dogs as well as cats are resistant to it, so there's no danger present.
If you decide to share some avocado with your dog, remember, it is very fatty. High consumption can lead to gastroenterological issues, pancreatitis and gaining weight.
One more issue you might not think of is the stone in the middle of the fruit. Some of our fur babies are naughty and like to steal stuff from a kitchen top or even a garbage bin. The swollen seed can cause airway blockage. This might lead to a surgury.

  • Grapes nd Raisins

It is still unknown why this fruit is so harmful for dogs, but it doesn’t make it less dangerous. Common symptoms of grape or raisin poisoning are diarrhea, vomiting and weakness. Pup can become very thirsty. In worse cases it can lead to kidney failure.

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  • Garlic and Onion

It is important to know that all parts of these vegetables are dangerous.
Being part of the allium family they contain toxins that can damage red blood cells and cause anemia. You would not notice any symptoms straight after consumption. Signs of poisoning will show only if a dog eats a lot. Difficulty breathing, fast heart rate, weakness and dark colored urine are symptoms of anemia.

  • Jalapeños and hot peppers

Regardless of the color bell pepper would be good for a pup. Nut NEVER give them any spicy options, those could lead to serious sickness.


  • Raw Meat and Bones

Raw products can contain salmonella and get your dog really sick. With usual signs of food poisoning of diarrhea, vomiting and weakness.
If you decide to keep your dog on a raw diet make sure to consult with your vet.
Most important is to find a reliable source of the fresh product to feed your pup.
Don’t forget about those bones in the meat! Kept for a couple of days they get salmonella and E. coli that will make your pup sick.
Make sure you keep those little bones away from your fur baby as they become a choking hazard.

  • Bacon

Everyone knows bacon is not the healthiest option for us, for doggies it can be way more dangerous. There’s a high risk of getting pancreatitis as bacon is quiet fatty.
Saltiness can make your dog super thirsty. That sounds like nothing serious, but actually could be life threatening. The problem is that the tummy gets too full with liquid and puts a lot of pressure on the inside organs. That calls for an emergency vet visit.

  • Fat Trimmings

As we mentioned above, fat is not great for your pooch. Could lead to pancreatitis. No one obviously wants that.

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  • Lactose

Some of the dogs like us humans are lactose intolerant. Milk is usually the most difficult lactose product for a pup to digest. Majority of the dogs are fine with other dairy products. For example cheese or yogurt (make sure it’s a plain one, not loaded with sugar).
It can be tricky to detect if your pooch struggles with lactose. The intolerance symptoms are loose stool, indigestion, gas, vomiting. But if your fur baby has no issues with dairy, and has too much milk, the result could be the same. Be vigilant!

  • Eggs

We are talking about raw eggs right now. Same as raw meat it can contain salmonella and E. coli and make doggie very sick.

Sweet treats

  • Sugar

Dogs are struggling with the same issues caused by sugar. It's very common for pups to become obese, having dental issues or even diabitis.

  • Ice Cream

As we mentioned earlier lots of dogs are lactose intolerant.
As tempting it is to share an ice cream on a hot summer day with your fur friend. That milk mixed with tons of sugar might not be the best. Choose other healthy alternatives!

  • Chocolate

We all looove chocolate, but it’s REALLY toxic for your dog. Even a little bit, even white one. It’s a big NO!
In case your dog was sneaky and ate some of that treat call the vet. It would help a lot for the doctor to know what kind of chocolate was it and the quantity.

  • Xylitol

What is xylitol and why did we put it in the sweet section?
It's a sugar free sweetener that is not harmful for people. You can find it in all the sugar free products, as well as some skin care and dental products.
It is so harmful for dogs because it makes the blood sugar drop and leads to hypoglycemia. You’ll notice your dog being abnormally weak and vomiting. Worst case scenario it could lead to seizures.
The most greedy pups can get serious liver damage caused by xylitol.

Human guilty pleasures

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  • Alcohol

Regardless of alcohol type you should never give your dog alcohol. Some people find it funny to see a dog getting drunk. It’s no joke! Alcohol is very toxic for dogs!

  • Hops

It has proven being dangerous for dogs. Main symptom is high temperature. Other possible reactions are tummy pain, redness around the mouth, excitement and high heart rate.

  • Caffeine

Couple licks of tea or coffee from your mug won’t do much harm to your pup. Any more than that can be a problem. Especially when we are talking about coffee beans or tea bags as they contain more caffeine. Please, contact your vet straight away.

  • Nicotine

We are all aware cigarettes are not good for anyone. For dogs any sort of tobacco is even more dangerous. Even cigarette butts consumed in big quantities could be fatal. They contain as much nicotine as a cigarette itself. You need to stay vigilant on your walkies. Pay attention as dogs can eat literally anything from the ground.

  • Marijuana

It can make your dog high, but the pup most certainly won’t enjoy it.
After consumption pulse rate slows down. Dog looks disoriented and walks funny. Dog can get very sensitive towards sounds.It can lead to vomiting as the body is trying to get rid of toxins.

  • Yeast Dough

Getting in the tummy dough continues rising as it’s in perfect warm conditions. From outside it can look like bloating, in fact the main danger is from toxins released by the dough. Fur friend will look weak, depressed and unsteady. Innocent bite can lead to seizures and even a coma.
As much as we love our little furry friends and want to give them everything those puppy eyes are asking for. We should never forget they are very fragile. Something as innocent as raisin or a macadamia nut will make them suffer.

Take care of your good boys and girls!