Why Does My Dog Stink?

Why Does My Dog Stink?

As much as we love our canine companions they do have their range of unpleasant smells, but how can we separate the insidious from the regular?

We’ll break down all the different assessments you should make when judging whether to take your pup to the vet or give them a good ol’ scrub.

Bath Time

You should bathe your dog roughly once a month to ensure that you don’t deplete the natural oils that keep their skin in healthy condition. There are plenty of reasons why you may have to bathe your dog more often than this ranging from flea allergy dermatitis to a simple romp in a pond.

We all know how much our dog’s love to roll around the park but there are plenty of nasties that could cause some rather oppressive odors. Determining whether the stench is coming from something topical is an easy assessment. Simply check your dog's body and paws and if you suspect a stinky substance then go ahead and give them a bath.

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Tooth Check

One of the key reasons why your dog may smell is thanks to their bacteria-laden mouths; many think that it’s natural for your dog’s breath to smell when in fact, a dog’s breath should be rather neutral.

If your dog’s breath constantly stinks then it’s likely that they’ve developed halitosis.

  • A dog’s teeth should be pearly white with pink gums.
  • Over time it's very common for dog’s teeth to stain yellow and even brown thanks to tartar and plaque accumulation.
  • You can easily keep the development of dental disease at bay by regularly brushing your dog’s teeth.

Pay careful attention to smaller dog breeds, particularly the Brachycephalic kinds as they are more prone to suffering from halitosis and underlying dental disease.

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Private Bits

Albeit the rarer kind of odour issue there are all kinds of infections that can cause issues.
We’ll go through some at-home steps that you should cycle through to determine the root of the problem!

It isn’t often documented in the expanse of doggy youtube but anal gland expression is something that plenty of our pets need every few months. If your dog’s rear end smells like fish and they’re constantly trying to lick or itch the area then chances are it’s time for a trip to the vet to express those glands.

Gential infections are not uncommon in dogs, male or female; If there is discharge of the yellow and brown variety coupled with a foul smell then chances are you have a case of vaginitis or canine penile infection on your hands. There’s no need to panic but a trip to the vet for a course of antibiotics is called for.

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As much as your at-home skills in deduction aren’t at the same level as your vet, we hope these tips will leave you with enough comfort in deducing whether a bath, a toothbrush, or a vet visit is the right port of call for those ever-common funky pet smells.